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My feet are bigger than cars!


The Menzingers | Rodent

So burn the fucker down, I don’t care anymore! I’ll let it all go.


came home to the new menzingers album!!!

First thing I did this morning was buy a copy of “Rented World” and I’m so fucking stoked on this album. I swear they wrote all of these songs just for me. 


The Menzingers - Nothings Feels Good Anymore

I’m at the party in a cloud of nicotine,

exhaled by drunk twenty-somethings,

theres a couple arguing in the bathroom, or just some kids trying to get high.



Haikuesday, April 22nd, 2014


in dreams, you answer
texts, late-night phone calls, my purrs;
still, I wake alone


Right now I know I’m bleeding but I’m doing fine.
When my nicotine stained fingers trace the inside of your soul, I’ll write my name into your memory but until that day I’ll let myself let you go.

when the other dude comes in with “SO SLEEP WITH THE WINDOWS DOWWNNNN!!!! ” :0


Danielle Rose

Anonymous asked: how can i not get thin,while i smoke daily on bongs???


Simple tricks all day.

This song allllll day. Gym, Bike ride, Skateboarding, Coloring. 

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"The system does not like people who say they’re innocent in prison, but there has to be a way for innocence to survive in prison. Prison is the lowest level of human existence (you) can exist on without being dead … Being able to overcome that, that’s the miraculous nature of every human being. It is great, absolutely fantastic."
-Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014


Hurricane Carter died this morning. He was 76.

Fuck going to work…today I slept in. 
Now I’m drinking coffee out of my cool ass hand made mug. 
It is a beautiful day just for me.