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Lansing , Mi. 496

Good morning

Have you ever heard the world at 6 am? You will never want to sleep again. These birds are singing to me. 6 cups of coffee, now I suppose I should head home and lace up my boots.

Oh wow. Beautiful tune. 

They can play a song in a field better than in a studio. 

Every morning in-between the snooze button pushes she is walking around the party’s in my mind.
My eyes follow her while I sit still in my chair, I never see her face but I know it’s her,
with her natural blonde hair.
Who even invited you here?
A dream girl could be anyone, and I still watch out for you.


Industrial Heart done by Thieu, The Original Tattoo Shop, Siegen, Germany

Lansing heart.


Assistant To The Regional Manager | The Devil Wears Prada

Wrong again but stronger now, we can face this.
Fight life with life.
All glory to the one in existence.
Bring upon your name, your grace, your everything.




This is deep, man

one of the greatest piece of information taught to me in life was from a fucking deranged talking baboon


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Thank you for holding me up all these years brothers


"Cryin’ Shame"~Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire)

I’m also seeing Joe play acoustic on Saturday afternoon at the Fest. I really hope he plays this song.

History notes…  (at LCC - Arts & Sciences (A&S))

Steer skull drawing for a show this Friday April 18 at soze gallery here in Los Angeles. Come by and say hello if you are around.